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    teeny and murf

    I traveled to my hometown last week to do the flowers for the wedding of one of my bestest girls. It was super fun, but quite exhausting, and went by too fast. I visited the Boston flower market for the first time, discovered porcelain berry grows all over Newport, and turned my dad's garage into a flower studio. I had lots of help from my family and the lovely Julia (if you need a wedding florist in Rhode Island give her a call) and thank goodness it was a gorgeous day. I didn't get any shots of the personal flowers but hopefully will have some from the photographer soon. Her bouquet was pretty nice. Just trying to adjust to life at home after all this traveling! I think I could get used to these destination weddings. Maybe I will get a van and travel the country making flowers for parties everywhere. It will have a record player that I will bring out and play- and a spot to tie the dogs up. And large tables that fold down from the sides with a little awning that pops out. I'll pull up to local farms and cut everything good.


    fun with paper...and garlands!

    We did a really fun wedding at the Pelican Inn on Saturday with gobs of paper flowers, garlands, and lanterns. There were other beautiful flowers too, I just didn't have time to shoot them. I'm hoping the photographer took lots I can show you later.


    gold accents


    katie and james

    Aren't these images by Laura Elle nice? They are from a wedding we made a colorful bouquet and boutonniere for last month on Mount Tam. Check out more on the photographer's blog, Laura Daily. That is one long aisle.