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    Cool It

    We're finally cooling down after a hot, amazing weekend up in Healdsburg where we were lucky enough to teach a flower class at Front Porch Farm while our good friend, the talented Paige Green, documented the whole thing. Preview shots below - we'll do a full post later. Gotta go drink another glass of ice water.


    She's a Grand Ole Flag

    We won't be taking orders for Friday, July 4th but are happy to make arrangements for fellow patriots for Thursday, July 3rd delivery. Just let us know before 6pm on Wednesday, then bust out the sparklers!


    C S F

    We knew June was going to be a total rush. The biggest wedding we've ever done, long roadtrips down the coast, not mention maintaining the regular Choo'life in between. But ain't no rest for the weary, (us? never!), and we want to raise the sails on our summer CSF subscription!

    The nitty gritty? We want to offer an inexpensive arrangement for your desk, bedside table, wherever while we support our flower farmer friends throughout the Bay Area. And we want to give you free delivery, too. All it takes is 10 people in one location and delivery is on us.

    Oh, and if you're the person who organizes it - the first month of your subsription is free, too. Boom.

    Get the full lowdown HERE; we're looking forward to making wild, weird and beautiful jar arrangements for you summah lovers.

    x, K


    Flower Class Out in the Field

    We just posted our only summer class in the online shop! Click here to sign up!

    This is it - the dream is coming true. An all-day intensive right in the middle of the fields that grow the flowers you'll be working with. Come up to Healdsburg, CA for a Studio Choo Summer Fields Flower Class at Front Porch Farm on Saturday, July 26th! We first fell in love with this gorgeous homestead, tucked in the curve of the Russian River, during a visit this past March. Rows of fruit orchards, flowers and heirloom wheat, piglets, goats and sweeping vistas aside - it just feels good up there.

    And don't even get us started on how lovely the farmers are. A few weeks ago; Mimi, Johnny and the team graciously welcomed us into their barns and fields to help make the biggest Choo wedding to-date happen. We'd go into the rows and cut armfuls of sweet peas, sunflowers and godetia before heading back to the shady cool of the barn to arrange and talk shop. Then we'd amble back to out, make a pit stop to visit the baby goats - you get the idea. It was pretty heavenly.

    Now we want you to be able to do the same! This will be full and awesome day from 10am to 4pm. We'll start with a farm tour and venture into the fields to hand-select some of the flowers for your design. After a lecture and demo in our wild California style, we will enjoy a picnic lunch provided by SHED and students can shop freshly picked produce and farm specialties from a private Front Porch farm-stand.

    After lunch, we'll get to work on our arrangements with an emphasis on flower selection, seasonality, summer color palette and the incorporation of air and movement into the composition. You'll create an arrangement that's breath-taking, unique and local while enjoying the land and communal artistry...then let's all reward ourselves at the end of the day with a dip in the Russian River!


    Big weekend

    Hi! So sorry for any inconvenience, but we will be closed through Monday 6/2. The next possible delivery date will be Tuesday 6/3.